WATER DAMAGE Restoration in Calabasas

Whenever there’s flooding, a leak, or an overflow every minute counts as water soaks in more and more deeply.  Even clean water is not harmless, and can lead to far more than stains and discoloration.  Bacteria and mold can grow into a big  problem in 24-48 hours, and lingering moisture can destroy building finishes and even damage the structure itself.

Too often people try to take care of flood damage removal themselves.  But then either mistakes or not getting everything thoroughly dry soon enough leaves them with far more problems than they had just a few days earlier. Surfaces may appear dry, but deep down wood and other materials can still be damp or downright wet.  The sooner water damage restoration professionals are on the job the less destruction there will be.  And most likely repairing that secondary harm is excluded from your insurance coverage.  With immediate mitigation your life or business will be back to normal far sooner.

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Mold, Mildew or Toxic Bacteria start growing within 24 hours from first moment of water leak. Call Us Now & Have A Technician On-Site Within 60 Minutes For A Free Assessment. 

  • Fast response = happier policyholders. We dispatch experienced teams of IICRC-certified water damage specialists to the site within four hours and take control of the situation immediately. No water damage scenario is unfamiliar and the steps to a successful remediation are established and proven. Most jobs are completed — and your policyholder’s life returned to normal — within three days.

  • Minimal upheaval, maximum results - When water damage strikes, homeowners suffer inconvenience, loss of possessions and sometimes, even temporary relocation. Recovery work should be efficient and effective to reduce the aggravation and hassle. We utilize cutting-edge technology and treatment methods, many of which facilitate drying the premises with a minimum amount of disassembly or demolition.

  • Standardized claim practices - To keep the claims procedure consistent, We provides insurers itemized estimates with no surprises included. Streamlining the recovery work and claims practices can also reduce costs. 

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If you located in Calabasas Area you need to hire AM:PM Restoration, you will be dealing with a water damage restoration business that has specific expertise in the area of water damage. An established track record ensures your safety and peace of mind.

Commercial and Residential Flood and Water Damage Services in Calabasas

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water damage restoration near me

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