Our team of professionals offer offer the best Eco-friendly attic cleanup, restoration services and full professional services of cleaning your attic including: removing insulation, rodent infestation cleanup, sanitizing, and junk Removal. Heavy duty machinery is used to safely and effectively remove all the particles from the Attic directly outside Such as, dust, debris, and rodent feces.

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The Attic is one of the most underrated places in your home, but it can offer a lot of useful space. In order to enjoy that space, it must be kept clean and organized.

Over time your Attic may accumulate a lot of dust, debris and rodent feces if there has been a current or past issue. Insulation generally lasts 30 years or so depending on your home and different factors. At a certain point the insulation starts to shrink down and decay, losing R-value and causing the insulation to turn black and potentially moldy. These factors may result in heat/a.c. loss, old musky smell, and high bills. This is a result of years of moisture from the entire home (kitchen, bathroom, showers) rising to the attic, and may possibly need to be removed and cleaned out.

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Dirty attics can attract pests, produce a bad smell, and increase your utility expenses.

When Should Your Attic be Cleaned?

Your attic should be cleaned at least once every two years. Still, you should be on the lookout for the following: cracks or holes that let in moisture or water and hot or cold air in the home, dirt, and dust accumulating from hardly used furniture and other objects, rodent outbreak, and inadequate insulation.

If you don’t clean your attic thoroughly, these factors will only make the situation worse and endanger your health as well as increase your energy bills as mentioned above. Below are the costs you’ll incur in the attic cleaning process.

Why You Should Keep Your Attic Clean

How clean is your attic? Do you know that the condition of your attic plays a huge role in your overall health and that of your loved ones? If you don’t clean or insulate your attic and regularly and thoroughly, gaps and cracks will let in rainwater and dust. Within no time, pests will invade your attic and mold colonies will form.


Of course, such filth is likely to cause allergies.

First, if your attic is dirty, it’ll lower your home’s energy efficiency and this will increase your cooling and heating bills.

What’s the worst that can happen out of such a scenario? Rodents will spread their urine and feces in your home which can make you and other residents within your home, sick. You can avoid all these risks by hiring AM:PM Restoration and Construction  to help you mitigate the problem.


Attic Cleaning Costs

  • Removal of insulation is usually about $1.00-$2.00 per square foot

  • installing insulation  is usually $1.25-$2.25 per square foot

One vital factor you should note is that removing rodent droppings is an unhealthy process. If you have to do it on your own, you’ll need to use safety equipment such as respirators and bio-suits to avoid contracting diseases and triggering allergic reactions.

If during your evaluation of the attic you noticed an infestation of mold or rodents, this can be a clear indication that your attic insulation is already contaminated and needs to be replaced.

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